Israel’s first talks with Lebanon in 30 years are a sign of Iran’s weakening hold over Lebanon.

Historic Maritime Talks With Israel Show Hezbollah’s Weakened Grip on Lebanon

Israel’s first talks with Lebanon in 30 years are a sign of Iran’s weakening hold over Lebanon.


Israel and Lebanon began negotiations this week to end the 30-year dispute over their maritime borders. This is a rare breakthrough for the long-time enemies that are technically still at war.

Israeli and Lebanese teams met in tents at the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) headquarters in Naqoura, near the border with Israel. The first meeting, which lasted about an hour, commenced on Wednesday and involved indirect negotiations via United States mediation. The Lebanese delegation said the next meeting would take place on October 28 and meetings would continue every two weeks.

The Lebanese government maintains that these negotiations in no way indicate warming ties between the two nations. During the meetings, the Lebanese delegation did not speak to the Israelis. Their translator talked to the UN and American delegation, who then passed the messages on to the Israeli delegation, and vice versa. Afterward, the Lebanese media reported that their side refused to take pictures with the Israeli delegation. This is a negotiation of necessity, not of peace.

Something has changed in Lebanon to allow the talks to take place. Why would Lebanon, and more specifically Hezbollah, allow this?


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