Gaza Conflict Reveals a Changed World


Israel’s conflict with Hamas has exposed some critical changes in the State of Israel’s relations around the world.

The most important regards the United States. The conflict exposes just how radically different the Biden administration is from President Donald Trump’s. In just a matter of months, Israel’s relationship with its most critical ally has crumbled. Our man in Jerusalem, Brent Nagtegaal, has written on the radical change in the relationship and what it means.

But another set of relationships has shifted, seemingly to Israel’s benefit.

"You have made Gaza a graveyard for the innocent and children," tweeted Waseem Yousef to his 1.6 million followers. A popular Muslim preacher in the United Arab Emirates condemning Israel would not be news. But Yousef was actually blaming Hamas.

"Hamas launches rockets from within civilian neighborhoods and when the response comes Hamas cries ‘where are the Arabs and Muslims’? You have made Gaza a graveyard for the innocent and children," reads the full tweet. Remember, the U.A.E. is not America—a land with free speech and free religion. Its government is allowing Yousef to post this.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has condemned Hamas’s missile attack on Israeli civilians. Geopolitical Futures founder George Friedman noted that both events are indicative of "a significant shift in Arab sentiment toward events in Gaza." Across the Middle East, Arab messages of support for the Palestinians and condemnation toward Israel have been more tepid than usual.

But this is not the only significant shift.



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