How will the relationship end?

Are Germany’s Social Democrats Collaborating With Israel Haters?

How will the relationship end?


Germany’s main political parties traditionally claim to be close allies of Israel. However, the Social Democratic Party’s (SPD) youth organization, Jusos, is cooperating with blatant Israel haters.

At the Jusos’ federal congress on November 28, participants passed a motion expressing solidarity with the extremist Palestinian organization Fatah Youth. They praised the group as a "sister organization." Just two years ago, at a Fatah Youth demonstration in the West Bank, members wore dummy explosive belts and called for the fight against Israel.

In "SPD Youngsters Show Solidarity With Israel Haters," pointedly asked: "Do the Jusos have an anti-Semitism problem? … The Fatah Youth denies Israel’s right to exist, threatens terrorist attacks, and spreads anti-Semitic content on the Internet. Do the Jusos not know which Israel haters they are showing solidarity with?" (November 30; Watch Jerusalem translation throughout). further explained that the Fatah Youth logo is a map of Israel in the colors of the Palestinian Authority, with the slogan "A Jewish state does NOT exist here."

With the SPD youngsters cooperating with open Israel haters, the SPD’s position in the German government should be closely scrutinized.


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