Is Our Most Controversial Forecast Proving True?


Our forecast on Ethiopia is unusual; it’s based solely on Bible prophecy and, until recently, shared by no one else. For years, we’ve been saying that Ethiopia would become dominated by radical Islam, led by Iran.

On the face of it, that makes little sense. Ethiopia is a Christian country with fewer than a third of its population Islamic. Its leader is a Christian. The previous leader was Christian. Just about all of its leaders have been Christian. It is Africa’s second-most populous country—certainly not some small nation that would be easy for Iran to bully.

So many readers have been quick to rubbish the claim. "Forget your expectations of Iran getting a foothold in Ethiopia of the highlands," reads one typical response. "That is just a myth." Another wrote in, on a completely different article, saying, "Let us see if it is more accurate than your ‘An Islamic Takeover of Libya and Ethiopia Is Imminent’ article."

Over the last few weeks, Watch Jerusalem editor in chief Gerald Flurry has made another highly controversial forecast: Donald Trump will remain president of the United States. Almost everyone disagrees with us. Many of the facts seem to point the other way. With Trump’s lawyers defeated in key lawsuits and the General Services Administration paving the way for a Biden presidency, most even on the right are saying it’s over.

As we wait to see what comes next, it’s worth asking: How did that Ethiopia forecast turn out?


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