How long will this temporary Arab-Israeli alliance last?

The Hidden Danger in Israel’s Arab Outreach

How long will this temporary Arab-Israeli alliance last?


Since the creation of the Jewish State of Israel, relations between Arabs and Jews in the Middle East have been fraught with violence. However, a recent trend shows that Arab-Israeli relations are warming.

On February 16, the first Israeli flight flew over Sudanese territory on its way to West Africa as a result of a meeting between the two nations’ leaders on February 3. According to several sources, Saudi Arabia and other Persian Gulf nations may even sign a nonaggression pact, or truce, with Israel.

Reconciliation with the Arab world would be a crowning achievement for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; however, there is a hidden danger behind this new alliance.

In "The History of Non-aggression Pacts in Islam," Harold Rhode, who has a Ph.D. in Ottoman history and served 28 years as the Islamic Cultural Affairs Adviser to the United States Department of Defense, explained that the success of these agreements is dependent on the strength of the leaders who signed the agreement.

More importantly, he said, these types of "nonaggression" or "truce" agreements that the Muslim nations make are only good for as long as they are viewed as valuable.


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