Jerusalem continues to yield wonderful artifacts testifying to the biblical record.

A Summer of Discoveries From King Hezekiah’s Jerusalem

Jerusalem continues to yield wonderful artifacts testifying to the biblical record.


"Caged like a bird"—that’s how King Sennacherib described King Hezekiah during the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem in the eighth century b.c.e. The city was locked down and surrounded, with no one permitted to leave or enter. We know how the biblical story ends. Sennacherib’s army was dramatically and miraculously overthrown, and Jerusalem went on to enjoy a renaissance of rebuilding and prosperity.

Although it’s been a summer of lockdown for us too, that hasn’t stopped the flow of new archaeological discoveries. Over the past few months, two dramatic new finds from King Hezekiah’s "post-lockdown" Jerusalem were unveiled.

These entirely separate discoveries, uncovered by separate teams, share some striking similarities. Both are royal buildings. Both fit with the period of biblical resurgence and rebuilding following the Assyrian siege. Both were discovered within the area of outer, southern Jerusalem.

In the grim and frankly depressing world of coronavirus lockdown, archaeology has brought a ray of hope from King Hezekiah’s own "post-lockdown" renaissance.


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