Human nature on display as nations grapple with dealing with coronavirus

Coronavirus, Declarations of War, and You

Human nature on display as nations grapple with dealing with coronavirus


JERUSALEM – If your life hasn’t changed yet as a result of the rapidly spreading coronavirus, it probably will soon.

As I write, there are only about 45 active cases here in Israel. That small number, however, has led to the precautionary quarantining of about 80,000 Israelis—a stunning number indicative of Israel’s stringent measures to slow down the spread. And "slow down" is all that Israel is attempting to do. The authorities know that it’s impossible to stop.

I’m yet to be quarantined, but it’s been close.

Each day I visit the Israel Ministry of Health website to see if I’ve unknowingly crossed paths with someone who has the virus.

It turns out when I walked instead of taking the bus last week, I may have averted a potential interaction with a carrier. Then I avoided another one when my family shopped at our local grocer on a Thursday instead of a Wednesday. Then again when my wife and I walked past one of our favorite cafés instead of dropping in for a latte.


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