The government’s poor handling of the crisis is making the people restless.

COVID-19 Endangers Egypt’s Ruling Government

The government’s poor handling of the crisis is making the people restless.


Egypt’s COVID-19 crisis is worsening. In mid-March, it had 126 cases; just one month later, it was 2,700. As of May 7, the numbers are upward of 7,500. As the government continues to struggle to get a handle on this health crisis, the anger and discontent it is fomenting could morph into a political crisis.

The main object of anger is the Ministry of Health. The current pandemic has exposed the many deficiencies of the health sector. Testing has been poor and limited; the death toll continues to rise; hospitals have a shortage of medical equipment, preventive supplies and beds for infected patients; and now, deaths among the medical community are rising.

The discontent has been exacerbated by the recent death of prominent sports writer Mahmoud Riad, the first journalist in Egypt to die from coronavirus. In a Facebook post just before his death, he bemoaned the handling and attentiveness paid to COVID-19 patients, a parting shot at the government. Looking at the numbers, he had a point.


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