Maybe; evidence of the physics, certainly.

Fossilized Fish on Mount Everest—Proof of the Flood?

Maybe; evidence of the physics, certainly.


"And the ark went upon the face of the waters. And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high mountains that were under the whole heaven were covered" (Genesis 7:18-19).

Crazy, says the critic. In an article entitled "How Much Water Would Be Needed for Noah’s Flood," one naysayer crunched the numbers required to cover Earth’s highest mountain, Everest. "[F]or the biblical Flood to have happened, the water on Earth had to miraculously multiply by about 250 percent," he wrote. "That means, there needed to be more water than could be contained by 10 Atlantic Oceans to rain as much as the Bible claims. This raises one final point, where did all that water go? I’m beginning to doubt the veracity of the Bible."

Putting aside the fact that the Bible clearly states the water was not simply "rained" down (7:11): Did you know that fossilized fish remains have been discovered on Mount Everest? That’s right—even the most die-hard, anti-Bible evolutionists accept that the territory of Mount Everest, at some point in Earth’s history, was covered with water. In fact, the general planet, at some point (or even several points) in its history, has been a watery abyss.

If you were to entirely smooth everything on Earth, leveling mountains and filling in valleys and sea trenches, the sea would not only cover everything, but the dry land would be submerged 2.5 kilometers deep (over 1.5 miles). So yes, there is enough water on Earth to cover the existing landmass—let alone by the seven meters the Bible says that Noah’s Flood prevailed above the highest peak (verse 20).

The question, then, must be asked: What were ancient fish doing atop Mount Everest? Is this evidence of the Flood?

Maybe; evidence of the physics, certainly.

Welcome to plate tectonics.


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