And the rising power of the Iran-backed militias

U.S. Strikes Back Against Iranian Aggression in Syria and Iraq

And the rising power of the Iran-backed militias


Just before 7 o’clock on Sunday evening Iraq time, United States military F-15E jet fighters struck five targets in Iraq and Syria belonging to the Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah Iraqi paramilitary group. The U.S. counterattack comes in response to 11 attacks since late October by Iranian proxy militias on U.S. forces.

Most recently, according to U.S. officials, Kataib Hezbollah launched 30 rockets at the K-1 military base in northern Iraq on Friday. Four American troops and two members of the Iraqi Security Forces were injured and an American contractor was killed in the attack, prompting the U.S. retaliation.

The Pentagon said on Sunday that the U.S. air strikes targeted three locations in Iraq and two in Syria. The targeted facilities included weapons storage warehouses and command posts, which the Iran-backed militia group used to plan and execute attacks on U.S. forces. According to Reuters, Iraqi security and militia sources reported that at least 25 militia fighters were killed and at least 55 were wounded in the U.S. air strikes.


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