Israel resorts to clandestine attacks to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Mysterious Explosions Expose Iran’s Continued Nuclear Ambition

Israel resorts to clandestine attacks to stop Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.


Over the past two weeks, mysterious explosions tore through areas around Tehran, leading many to believe that Israel is conducting a covert offensive against the Iranian regime.

Iranian media have announced six such explosions. It’s unlikely that Israel is behind all of these attacks; however, two of them stand out as potential Israeli targets because of their possible military dimensions.

The first took place in the early morning of June 26 in Khojir, about 12 miles east of Tehran. According to satellite data of the area, the explosion and subsequent fire seems to have taken place at a facility linked to the production of solid-propellant rockets. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Khojir site is made up of numerous underground tunnels suspected to be used in missile assembly.

While Israel did not confirm it was behind the attack, targeting a missile production site would be a natural extension of Israel’s no-tolerance policy on Iran’s desire to arm its proxies with Iranian missiles. Over the past two years, Israel has struck missile facilities and convoys of arms shipments inside Syria and Iraq. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that he will not allow Iran to place precision-guided missiles inside Syria and Lebanon, and he directs almost weekly attacks against such sites.

However, the alleged Khojir attack is the first time in recent memory that Israel has attacked Iranian territory.


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