Europe’s migrant crisis just got a whole lot worse.

Could Millions of Syrian Refugees Hasten the Rise of a European Military?

Europe’s migrant crisis just got a whole lot worse.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned Europe on Monday that "millions" of migrants would soon flood into the European Union after Turkey opened its borders and gave the green light for refugees on February 28, according to France24.

"We don’t want this money," said Erdoğan, rejecting the EU’s €1 billion offer (us$1.1 billion) to deal with the refugees, adding to a €6 billion deal in 2016. Erdoğan’s office said that is it now time for Europe to take its "fair share of the burden."

German Chancellor Angela Merkel responded by calling Turkey’s move "unacceptable." Greece immediately responded by barring entrance, denying asylum, and increasing the frequency of border patrols. Greece says that about 10,000 refugees have massed at the border; however, Erdoğan claims the number is actually in the "hundreds of thousands."

Clashes have broken out along the border between refugees and the Greek police. Turkey accused Greece of killing two migrants. According to France24, a Turkish official shared a video showing a boat of migrants being fired upon by the Greek Coast Guard. Greece has also used tear gas in an attempt to disperse the migrant masses along its shared border with Turkey.


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