Leading Europe against radical Islamic extremism

Germany Declares Full Hezbollah Ban

Leading Europe against radical Islamic extremism


German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer imposed a full ban on all Hezbollah activities in the country on April 30. In the past, Germany has recognized Hezbollah’s military wing as a terrorist organization but has allowed its political wing, which dominates the Lebanese cabinet, to function within Germany’s borders. This new development indicates that Germany is hardening its stance against one of Iran’s chief proxy organizations.

Germany has joined the United Kingdom and the Netherlands in instituting the ban. United States President Donald Trump has been pushing Germany and the European Union to impose a complete ban on Hezbollah. Germany’s statement on Thursday is a huge victory for Mr. Trump and brings us a step closer to a full EU ban on Hezbollah activities. Given that other European nations often follow Germany’s lead, a full EU ban may soon be forthcoming.

In coordination with Thursday’s announcement, German police conducted raids on four alleged Hezbollah-aligned mosques in Berlin, Bremen, Dortmund and Münster, in order to obtain documents proving Hezbollah’s activities in the country before they could be destroyed.


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