Dinosaurs, the Ice Age, cavemen: Is the biblical timeline really at odds with scientific discoveries?

The Prehistoric World Vs. Genesis

Dinosaurs, the Ice Age, cavemen: Is the biblical timeline really at odds with scientific discoveries?


Over the past century of biblical archaeology, a plethora of finds have been discovered backing up many of the biblical stories. 

Thus far, nearly 60 individuals found in the Hebrew Bible have been independently proved through archaeological discoveries, including kings, pharaohs, princes, governors, officers and priests. Archaeology has confirmed dozens of biblical cities, as well as the biblical events that happened within them. It has verified everything from biblical civilizations and major conflicts to minor skirmishes, cultural customs, dietary details, clothing items, architectural elements and even common sayings. Bible minimalists and skeptics have constantly had to adjust their arguments as new discoveries come out—such as the following:

  • Belshazzar was a fictional character. Archaeological proof discovered in 1854.
  • The Hittite Empire never existed. Archaeological proof discovered in 1906.
  • King David was a myth. Archaeological proof discovered in 1993.

For the believer, these finds are held up as proof of the veracity of the Bible, helping confirm its divine inspiration by God. In simple terms, they help "prove the Bible true."

Such a statement, though—that archaeology "proves the Bible true"—is jarring to the skeptic. Because no matter how many biblical individuals are discovered—no matter how many inscriptions are uncovered—the fact is that the Bible cannot, as a whole, be true. Because, they argue, Genesis.

The age of Earth. The dinosaurs. The Ice Age. Prehistoric man. Scientific discoveries, especially since the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, have proved the timeline of Earth and the universe is completely at odds with the Bible.

Or have they? How sure are we of what the Bible actually says? And how confident can we be in interpreting the scientific data?


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