Islamists threaten to hijack internal ethnic and religious division.

Will Ethiopia Survive 2020?

Islamists threaten to hijack internal ethnic and religious division.


Ethiopia made Foreign Policy’s list of "10 Conflicts to Watch in 2020," which predicts, "Elections scheduled for May 2020 could be violent and divisive." Swelling tension and internal conflict in the nation threaten to thrust Ethiopia into turmoil, possibly even collapse. This will present radical Islam with an opportunity to hijack the political unrest and increase its control over the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia is Africa’s second-most populous nation, and it is also one of the most divided. The nation’s 105 million people belong to more than 80 different ethnic groups and speak several different languages. The nation is partitioned according to major ethnicities into nine separate regions. Each of these regions has its own executive, judicial and legislative branches; its own regional flag; is governed by its own constitution; and in many cases, has its own language.

Much of the nation’s ideologies, policies, programs and projects are issued by the central government. This undermines the federation’s principle of regional self-rule and causes much of the anti-government hatred across the regions.


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