New reports indicate the intent of last month’s cyberattack on an Israeli water supply.

Iran Cyberattack Targeted Israeli Civilians

New reports indicate the intent of last month’s cyberattack on an Israeli water supply.


New reports by Jerusalem News Syndicate and Financial Times show that Iran attacked tens of thousands of Israeli citizens on April 24 and 25. It used a new form of terrorism that it will potentially use to wreak havoc throughout the Middle East: computer code.

The Iranian-written code passed through servers in the United States and Europe to avoid detection before reaching computers controlling water pumping systems in Israel. Israelis knew that the systems had been attacked, but were probing for more details. According to Jerusalem News Syndicate and Financial Times, they now know that Iranian hackers attempted "to trick Israeli computers into raising the chlorine content in the country’s water supply to dangerous levels." This would have affected tens of thousands of everyday Israelis.

A successful attack would have "triggered fail-safes that would have shut down the pumping station," according to a Western official. But not before causing hundreds to fall ill and tens of thousands to be without water. Such an attack would be devastating to a nation that relies so heavily on technology for its daily municipal water needs.


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