Blatant displays of Nazism and Holocaust-mocking are paraded on the streets of Europe today.

Nazi Resurgence on Open Display

Blatant displays of Nazism and Holocaust-mocking are paraded on the streets of Europe today.


Last week saw two public displays of anti-Semitism within Europe. These events only add to a growing pattern of anti-Semitism and disregard for recent history that is becoming more evident and more overt with each passing day.

One of these displays occurred in Aalst, Belgium, during its annual three-day carnival. The carnival, which began on Sunday, is said to have originated over 600 years ago. The carnival’s official website explains, "Political satire is also a big part of Aalst Carnival and it is well known for its satire and the way that it makes fun of local and international events. Everything is put on display and absolutely nothing is off limits, not religion, race, politicians or even celebrities." And apparently, not even anti-Semitism.

This year’s parade featured Nazi uniforms, participants with long fake hooked noses, and a group dressed as Jews with a sign saying, "Don’t tell the truth about the Jew." Other signs mocked circumcision and costumes of Orthodox Jews as ants, reminiscent of Adolf Hitler calling the Jews "vermin."

As expected, the display led to an outcry by many, including the Belgian prime minister. But the response by city officials is almost as shocking as the event itself.


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