Violent protests have reached all the way to Jerusalem.

The Next Revolt?

Violent protests have reached all the way to Jerusalem.


I can’t help but think Israel has taken a dangerous turn.

For the past two weeks, Jerusalem has been rocked by demonstrations that turned violent. Again, last night, thousands of people protested at Paris Square, a five-road junction in downtown Jerusalem close to the prime minister’s house, which has become ground zero for the demonstrations.

Paris square is a notorious gathering point in Israel’s history for protests or street parties, depending on the occasion.

Fourteen years ago, I lived in the apartment building overlooking this junction. As a 21-year-old newcomer to Israel, I felt right in the thick of it with the busy sounds of city life surrounding the apartment. Often my roommates and I would spend our evenings gazing down to the streets below.

Our fourth-story vantage point was the perfect spot to witness recurring protests against the prime minister—Ehud Olmert at the time. There was always plenty of shouting, megaphones blaring, lots of flag-waving, and more often than not, being Jerusalem, some international press ready to blow the protests way out of proportion in their reporting.

But there was one thing I never saw in those protests over a decade ago: violence.


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