We have forecast for decades that Iran’s pushy foreign policy is about to meet its match.

Iran and Europe are Heading for a Clash of Civilizations

We have forecast for decades that Iran’s pushy foreign policy is about to meet its match.


During the Obama administration, there was an attempt to transform Iran from international pariah to partner through what has become known as the Iran Nuclear Deal. However, that deal did nothing to change some fundamental realities about Iran. Iran is still a theocracy, governed by a radical cleric who, like 85 percent of Iranians, believed in Twelver Shiism, an ideology that embraces death. Iran remains the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism, and it continues its march toward becoming a nuclear power. For all these reasons, President Trump exited the nuclear deal and imposed unprecedented financial sanctions on the Iranian regime.

Mr. Trump’s high-pressure campaign aside, Iran is still a major force of provocation and destabilization in the world.

Watch Jerusalem has forecast for years that Iran isn’t going to be stopped before it ignites a serious war, a war that will, in fact, escalate into the next worldwide war.

We also forecast that Iran’s primary adversary in that war will not be the Jewish state of Israel, which Iranian leaders call "the little Satan," or even America, "the great Satan."

It will be a united European empire spearheaded by Germany.

These are bold and dramatic forecasts that we have consistently emphasized for more than a quarter century. Yet current events are lining up to bring this scenario to pass.


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