A man who might not have made it to the Knesset is set to become prime minister.

The ‘Big Lie’ in Israel’s Election

A man who might not have made it to the Knesset is set to become prime minister.


JERUSALEM – If all goes according to plan, Israel will have a new government on Sunday. For the first time in 12 years, Benjamin Netanyahu will not be at its head. Instead, Naftali Bennett, a man whose party won just 6 percent of the vote in the March election, will be in charge.

Sunday’s confidence vote in the Knesset will be the culmination of the multilayered campaign over the past two years to pull out all stops to remove Netanyahu from leading the Jewish state. A leftist-dominated media and educated class, anti-Netanyahu leaders from the left and right, as well as a politicized judiciary came together to wage war on Israel’s longest-serving and arguably most successful leader. They joined forces through four inconclusive elections in order to oust Netanyahu. And finally, they’ve done it—by all means possible.

Israel’s election cycles are typically a bitter mudslinging fest between politicians as they vie for the people’s vote. Then, after the vote is in, the politicians turn on each other to gain the most from the coalition-building process. This is routine for Israel.

However, the drama that led to Bennett’s crowning as prime minister is unparalleled in Israel’s democracy.

Not only does the unity government contain eight separate parties from the left to right to Arab; not only was it formed with just one goal—to remove a single individual from power, an individual that is by far the most popular politician in Israel’s democracy; but this government only comes to power by cheating. Not cheating in the ballot box, but cheating the voters themselves.

This election was stolen from the voters of Israel.


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